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Dads vs. Zombies - Book 1 (Kindle and ePub)

Dads vs. Zombies - Book 1 (Kindle and ePub)

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Dads vs. Zombies
Dads vs. Series Book 1 (eBook)

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It used to be a quiet neighborhood.

John, Chris and Erik are neighbors in the quaint subdivision of The Creeks of Sage Valley Phase II. The three men happily live the typical suburban family life. Their only real problems have been with each other and the draconian rules of the HOA. But, that all changes when the dead rise from their graves and walk the Earth. Now, they must reluctantly join together to survive the spreading apocalypse and find their families. Personal fears, long buried secrets and their own personalities threaten to tear the group apart as they make their way across the zombie ridden landscape in Dads vs. Zombies.

Will they find their families? Will they survive the thing that wasn’t Bill? Who or what is Captain Awesome? Find out in Dads vs. Zombies, a laugh-out-loud look at family, fatherhood and the living dead. If you like action, adventure and hilarious, quick-witted banter, you’ll love Dads vs. Zombies.

Here’s what people are saying!

★★★★★ Absolutely Hillarious! I really like the zombie apocalypse subgenre. I read the spectrum of them from the very serious to the spoofs and from the science-based virus-style infection to the supernatural cause. So it is with some authority that I state that this was one of the best zombie apocalypse novels I have ever read.

★★★★★ If you like zombies, treat yourself to this book. One of the best zombie books I've read. Very relatable, hilarious at points as well as very sad at others. Impossible for me to put down.

★★★★★ Quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve read ‘Wonderfully funny and very addictive. Couldn't put the book down until it was done...

★★★★★ Nothing short of brilliant! I don't generally read a book more than once. This book was an exception to the rule.

★★★★★ Top of the Zombie Heap I'm not sure what the extent of Funny Zombie Apocalypse genre is, but this book stands at the top of it.

★★★★★ Transcending scary and gross, because they're too cliché Amazing read! The apocalypse edition of Hitchhikers Guide. You want to read this book! Didn't stop laughing!

★★★★★ Best Zombie Apocalypse Ever

★★★★★ Ooooo.....that was fantastic!

★★★★★ Laugh Riot

★★★★★ Zombies and Comedy-A perfect combination

★★★★★ This book was hilarious, not like any of the other zombie tales I have read.

★★★★★ I started laughing from the first page and couldn't stop.

★★★★★ The only books that compel me to read sections to my wife


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Best Zombie Apocalypse Ever.


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