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Dads vs. Zombies: Year 2 - Book 3 (Signed Paperback)

Dads vs. Zombies: Year 2 - Book 3 (Signed Paperback)

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Dads vs. Zombies: Year 2
Dads vs. Series Book 3 (Signed Paperback)

Signed Paperback Edition
All paperback books are personally signed by the author. (Once you place your order, we'll reach out to you to get additional information about the recipient.)

Paperback Size: 6" x 9"
Page count: 254

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The world looks different a year after the dead rose from their graves.

Survivors live in walled enclaves while the zombies roam freely in the wasteland. John, Chris and Erik have made their home in the enclave of Haven and earn their keep in town by scavenging for supplies outside the walls. These excursions bring them face-to-face with grubby urchins, deadly warlords and hordes of the undead.

But not all threats lie beyond the walls. The dads are beginning to wonder if they can trust the people in charge. Things aren’t looking good and the longer the end of the world drags on, the more danger they’re sure to find themselves in.

Here’s what people are saying!

★★★★★ Hilarious as always 
The second full-length book for Dads vs. Zombies is as hilarious as the first. 

★★★★★ Dad's getting it done
Like Ben's other books an true enjoyment to read. Another adventure unfolds expanding into the unknown with our unlikely heroics and unforeseen dange

★★★★★ Great word art!!
This is his most recent book! If you haven't experienced his word art... you haven't woke your wife up while reading next to her, whilst she sleeps!.
I love the way he writes such wit, humor, with a dash of sarcasm!.
All around, my favorite artist!

★★★★★ A great follow up to an awesome series
If you are an oddball like me ( in secret of course), you like humor ( most of it dark and sarcastic), zombies, uneasy friendship between flawed human being, check it out. You don’t have to start with the others but it helps ( plus the books are amazing. ) Start at the beginning with the dad’s series and you will appreciate the humor. He also has a post apocalyptic series and a James Bond/ Pink Panther series and a couple scifi series. I believe I have read it all. You might have to dig a bit as he is not a household name ( yet) but I hope you give him a chance. I am hooked.



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