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Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors: Duck & Cover Adventures Book 1 (eBook)

Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors: Duck & Cover Adventures Book 1 (eBook)

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Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors
Duck & Cover Adventures Book 1 (eBook)

Get this premium eBook from Benjamin Wallace. 


Even a mushroom cloud has a silver lining.

The man known as the Librarian has made his way through the wasteland, helping others survive the end of the world. But a tragedy in post-apocalyptic Colorado has shaken his confidence and he’s considering getting out of the nomadic warrior game.

Everything changes when he encounters a woman who survived a vicious raider attack. They head for the nearby town of New Hope to warn the people about the impending threat. The journey will pit him against a jungle covered metroplex, super smart bears, and his own past.

Does he have what it takes to fight his personal demons (and some bears) and save the town? Or is what they say about him true?

It’s the end of the world as you’ve never known it in this laugh-out-loud look at the apocalypse that readers are calling “Mad Max meets Monty Python” and “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Wasteland.

"Wallace is a newly discovered treasure."

“This book had me laughing so hard, I damn near fell off my forklift.”

“a five-star romp”

"it's definitely for buying if you like Fallout, Mad Max and having a good time.”

"I took a chance on a fb ad and the next thing I know I've picked up his entire library."

"One happy new fan right here! Take my money and feed me more.”

“I highly recommend Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors to anyone who wants a good read. I do not recommend it to anyone who wants to get anything done.”

“Witty dialog! Great action! Scary moments! Loved it”

"This is pure escapist fun and it's just hard to put it down." 

“Who would have thought that the post-apocalypse could be this fun”

“What reading is SUPPOSED to be: Five-Star Fun.”

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Here’s what people are saying!

“Get it. You'll love it. Especially if you like things like Road Warrior, Evil Dead Trilogy, Hitchhiker's Guide, Good Omens, and other works of that nature. Ben Wallace is my new favorite comic fiction writer. I think he'll be yours, too.”


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Even a mushroom cloud has a silver lining. 

No one ever sees the good in an apocalypse. And that’s understandable. A lot of bad things happen when the world blows up. But then it’s all crying about the loss of family and the failure of our society. “Waaah, waaah, waaah, what have we done?” 

Sure, there’s that. But what about the good things brought about by the end of the world? Global warming? It’s no longer a problem. And with no more global warming, there are no more whiny hippies. 

True, it’s not all green trees and dead hippies. There are real dangers out there: toxins, disease, big scary bears that have mutated to become bigger and scarier.

But here—here in the walls of your city—lies hope. Look around. You’ve already overcome so much. You’ve beaten the elements. You’ve provided food for an entire community. You’ve managed to live together without killing one another or being annoyed by the stink that most of you are putting off. 

And, there in that willingness to turn your nose, not up in the air, but toward your funky smelling brethren, lies hope. Hope that we can rebuild this world. Into a braver world, a saner world—a braver world that’s much more sane. 

A world where no child need cry for dinner. A world where no child need cry because he is afraid. A world where no child need cry because you didn’t buy him that ring pop at checkout, even though you know that he’ll never finish it and it will just end up a sticky mass of carpet lint and hair somewhere under the seat of the car. A world where no child need cry for want of shelter or love. A world where that child will finally just shut his cake hole. 

This is your chance to make the world the way you want it to be. A loving world. A free world. 

Are you going to surrender this chance? God, or Russia, or somebody, has seen fit to wipe the slate clean. Now we can apply what we know not to do to make a better world for our children—and their children, and their children, and maybe a few generations beyond that.

You’ve already assumed the right to govern yourself, the responsibility to function under a social contract that apparently didn’t mandate bathing. 

You are now free men and women. Are you going to let these men that gather at your gates take that from you? Just because they’re stronger? Just because they have an army of merciless killers? Just because they armed that army with chains and blades? And harnessed the power of the mighty and noble buffalo and turned them against you as the menacing war bison? Are you? Or do you accept this responsibility, this glorious burden, to wrestle from these ashes of mankind a better kind of man? 

Stand. Stand against this threat. Stand with your heads held high—for you are the true possessors of this world’s future. Stand proud. And I will stand with you. 
This is our world to rebuild. Not theirs. Ours. So let’s not fuck it up.

- The post-apocalyptic nomadic warrior, from a speech given at the gates of Eternal Hope, Colorado, moments before the Massacre of Eternal Hope, Colorado.

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