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Shattered Alliance - Book 1 (eBook)

Shattered Alliance - Book 1 (eBook)

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Shattered Alliance
Shattered Alliance Book 1 (eBook)

Get this premium eBook from Benjamin Wallace. 


Desperate times…
The Hama came out of nowhere. In a single surprise attack, they destroyed the Alliance flagship, took its command crew hostage and rent the very fabric of the federation.

For the first time in its history, the Alliance finds itself on the defense. The citizens are frightened. The council is cautious. And some men are desperate.

Desperate enough to disobey the security council and mount a secret rescue operation.

Desperate enough to work with the galaxy’s most wanted criminal.

Desperate enough to resurrect a terror weapon from the past.

And desperate enough to risk open war to save those in the hands of this unknown foe.

Filled with intense action, epic battles, ruthless enemies, cool ships, alien worlds, smooth spies, hot criminals, grumpy sidekicks, narcissistic captains, unacceptable insubordination, hostile relics and some deep, dark secrets, Shattered Alliance is a hilarious look at humanity’s future in the stars from the author of the bestselling Duck & Cover Adventures.

Here’s what people are saying!

"Funny as all get out"
I woke my wife up from across our house cause I was laughing so hard. Gotta love any book that has a ten foot clown named giggles.

★★★★★ Mr. Wallace in space!
I have read everything this dude has written. And now he’s in SPACE! He’s insightful, witty, and super-duper funny. 

★★★★★ Wit which brings to mind Douglas Adams!
I throughly enjoyed this well-written comedic yet dramatic space opera. There is much wit and several laugh-out-loud moments with several characters that I hope to spend more of my reading time with. Mr. Wallace has employed his great style and talent to create an entertaining first book in this series. I highly recommend it.

★★★★★ Excellent start to a new series - hilarious!
I liked the start of this new series - what should I call it? Star Wars/Star Trek/general scifi spoof? I don't know how exactly to classify it, but it was very funny! 

★★★★★ Heart-stopping human vs. alien action
Humor abounds throughout this quick-moving and engaging story.


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★★★★★ Praise for Shattered Alliance
I absolutely loved it, another realm created by a master of storytelling.


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