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Alone on Altair - Book 3 (eBook)

Alone on Altair - Book 3 (eBook)

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Shattered Alliance
Alone on Altair Book 3 (eBook)

Get this premium eBook from Benjamin Wallace. 

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John Carter had Barsoom. Antarius Thurgood got Altair.
Stranded on an uncivilized world, Captain Thurgood finds himself alone against an entire planet filled with savage beasts and deadly denizens. To top it all off, the Hama are coming for him. Now, he must find a way to unite a people, conquer a planet, steal a ship and get off of Altair. It won’t be easy. All he has are his wits and his grit because no one listened when he asked for a survival bazooka.

Here’s what people are saying!

★★★★★ #3 is just as good as #1 and #2!
Mr. Wallace continues the high quality of this Shattered Alliance series. I laughed out loud as I was reading it, which made my wife give me some strange looks... 

★★★★★ Action packed hilarity
Benjamin Wallace has an amazing ability. I have yet to read one of his books that I haven't laughed out loud. Keep up the fantastic work!

★★★★★ Benjamin Wallace, great author! I love this series.
All his books are gold!

★★★★★ Thurgood the Brave?
I have never wanted to push a character off a cliff (or hope that he'd fall)more than I did Antarius Thurgood. By the same token, I've never wanted to award one for acts of bravery in times of adversity quite as much either. Wallace does a solid job of hilariously demonstrating the ironies of humam nature. On one hand, Thurgood is arrogant and socially clueless. On the other, he doesn't hesitate to run toward danger when the chips are down. And characters who seem sensible and sane by comparison, often wind up looking weak and afraid when he calls on them to join him. But his confidence is contagious and people follow him into all sorts of dangerous situations. This is installment in the Shattered Alliance series was great fun. Well worth your time.


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★★★★★ Benjamin Wallace is Awesome!!
The Shattered Alliance just gets better and funnier with the 3rd installment. Benjamin Wallace is unmatched in Sci-fi Humor novels. Shattered Alliance joins the brilliant Duck & Cover series as some of the best around!


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