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Dads vs. The World - Book 2 (Kindle and ePub)

Dads vs. The World - Book 2 (Kindle and ePub)

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Dads vs. The World
Dads vs. Series Book 2 (eBook)

Get this premium eBook from Benjamin Wallace. 

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John, Chris and Erik are neighbors in the quaint subdivision of The Creeks of Sage Valley Phase II. The three men happily live the typical suburban family life. But, it’s not all birthday parties and bounce houses.

These men struggle every day to fulfill their roles as fathers, friends and husbands. They face challenges like grocery shopping under pressure, learning to be the Tooth Fairy and competing for Halloween bragging rights. Throw in Santa and the HOA and it all adds up to a whole lot of crap.

This handsome volume includes:

Dad vs. The Grocery Store - John would rather sit and watch the game, but his wife needs some things at the store. Can he complete the list and get back in time to see the end of the game?

Dad vs. Halloween - Every Halloween, Chris has the scariest house on the block and gives out the best candy. But, this year, someone is showing him up and he'll stop at nothing to find out who.

Dad vs. Santa - Erik has planned the perfect Christmas for his family. The plan is foolproof, bulletproof and flame retardant. Nothing can undo the hours of planning and preparation. Nothing except maybe odd-shaped packages, ill-timed fruitcakes or an errant neighborhood Santa Claus.

Dad vs. The Tooth Fairy - Erik always has a plan and he's sure he would have figured out the whole Tooth Fairy thing eventually. But, when his three-year-old son takes a frisbee to the mouth, he's forced to speed things up. Between neighborhood kids with big mouths and unhelpful dentists he's going to need to improvise. Will he bend to the pressure of inflation? Will he get caught in the act? And, what do you do with those teeth anyway?

Dad vs. The HOA (A novella) - There comes a time in every man's life when he must stand for the things he believes in. John doesn't believe in bagging his grass. So, when a new allergy-prone neighbor gets the HOA to require it, there's only one thing he can do - run for President of The Creeks of Sage Valley Phase II. John, Chris and Erik put aside most of their differences to run a campaign that they hope will see John elected as President and end the meddling of the rule-loving new kid on the block. Will they succeed? It's doubtful.

Here’s what people are saying!

★★★★★ Hilarious! I love these dads. :)
Everything everyone else said. (That's positive) Everything I've read by Benjamin is just a good time. Not only is he funny as Hell....he actually knows how to write. 

★★★★★ Blow Drink Out of Your Nose Funny!
This is one of the funniest books I have ever read. I read this in one sitting. I can't tell you how many times I had tears running down my face and I laughed so hard I couldn' t breath.

★★★★★ Laugh Out Loud Hilarious!
Benjamin Wallace is absolutely hilarious . . . and a complete mess (his wife must be a saint!). I have read several of his books and often find myself having to read excerpts to my husband because they made me laugh so hard I was interrupting his TV shows and he got curious as to what tickled me so.

★★★★★ Funny Prequel or Stand Alone set of Short Stories
Stayed up to 2 Am enjoying this bonus prequel to dads v Zombies. It is seriously funny, and the HOA novella was outrageously funny to me and it explains the bad blood with Austin over the Presidency of the HOA. Love these guys and can't wait for book the actual sequels. I fully expect this to be a series to be anticipated and enjoyed for years to come.


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“I laughed, I cried... .....actually, I laughed so hard that I had twin rivers running down my cheeks. There's just enough of the familiar, combined with the outrageously absurd, that makes it a laugh-out-loud page-turner. I highly recommend it for anyone who's looking for a fun, relaxing jaunt into a parallel suburban universe.


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